Master of Philosophy in Ecological Informatics

Ecological Informatics is a trans-disciplinary subject, which integrates ecology, computational sciences, informatics and social sciences in order to prepare students for a future in ecological sciences research, with a special emphasis on using Information Technology.

Through this initiative, IIITM-K attempts to metamorphose pedagogy of ecological science and contribute to address global challenges of sustainability and resource conservation. The program effectively articulates the potential of Information Technology (IT) / IT enabled facilities to monitor and study ecological processes, quantitatively. Inclusion of social dimension stems from the conviction that solution(s) to ecological problems lies outside the conventional sphere of ecological sciences.

The 4-dimensional approach of IT enabling sustainable development, as envisioned at the school of ecological informatics, with the social component, is perhaps globally peerless. This academic initiative has already received appreciation from Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore, India Institute of Remote Sensing, Deheradun, The French Institute, India, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, UNESCO, etc. The former three institutes have explicitly communicated their willingness to collaborate with IIITMK for the conduct of the proposed programme.

It took two years and multiple interactions among academicians/ scientists of the abovementioned institutes to define the framework of the proposed academic exercise.

Core Courses

  • Ecological Physics and Landscape Ecology
  • Quantitative Ecology
  • Information Systems
  • Spatial Informatics
  • Ecological Economics
  • Ecological Anthropology
  • Sociology and demography
  • Research Methodology