Students speak


"M.Phil in Ecological Informatics provided by IIITM-K is unique one. I benifited of its tran-disciplinary nature for my professional progress especially in Environmental Impact Assesment. So I recommend this course for those wish to pursue a career in the field of Environment. It is a door opener for future research."

Anandraj M A, Sr.Environmental Planner at CDM Smith India(p)Ltd, Bangalore.

"I consider myself fortunate to be a student of the first batch of the M.Phil.Ecological Informatics. Six months of classes at IIITM-K and ensuing project opportunity at Germany has not only widened my horizons but also elevated my skill sets. Today I am confident of capabilities. I strongly recommented this program for any student who look forward to build a career in ecological sciences."

Arathy Ram R S, Post Doctoral Fellow, Chonbuk National University, S.Korea.

"Within a limited period of time this course helped my knowledge through unique pedagogy at IIITM-K skill sets, notably in computer programming and Database Management."

Sreelakshmi S.

"The coursework of M.Phil.Ecological Informatics was very helpful to us. It has opened several new gateways of opportunities for young researchers. Today we are comfortable in a range of new subjects GIS, Economics, etc., which generally the students of ecology/environmental science are weak in.
The lab sessions in GIS, mathematical ecology(Matlab), Computer Programming, statistical ecology(R stat) and HTML were very interactive and fruitful. We love the way teachers handle sessions here.
The majority of the fifth batch students were from ecology background. Learning ecology from different perspective made a great learning experience. The course is perfectly designed and conducted."

Mohd.Shahnawaz Khan, Program Officer, WWF India.

"Ecological Informatics facilitates us to develop and integrate approach that a semantic fit between Environmental science and informatics. It helps us to understand the novel concepts and techniques. It improves our technical thinking skills so we are able to analyse and interpret the multitude of perspectives and issues. EI the course have given us the tools and motivation; expand our horizons to lead successful researchers."

Anula Susan Varughese, Student, M.phil Ecological informatics (2014-2015)

"The exclusive M Phil. Course in the Country with an Inter disciplinary nature giving exposure to the young budding professionals to the latest and the must needed Informatics practices in the Field of Ecology and Environment Management. An UNESCO appreciated state initiative."

Manoj Kumar Singh, Student, Ecological Informatics(2016-2017)

"Ecological informatics is a course, years ahead of the conventional courses we have in our country. As a multi-disciplinary course it draws concepts from other fields of Social sciences, Science, Mathematics and Information technology integrated in Ecology. This is one of a kind Course where you are free to explore the ample ways to apply whatever you have learnt in your graduate programme in Ecological science. After completing this course one will change his/her perspective of ecological problems and ways to find solution to those problems."

Karthy S, Student, Ecological Informatics(2016-2017)

"The M.Phil.program in Ecological Informatics is a trans-disciplinary platform for the generous grasp of 'our common future'. Apart from the provision for procuring another degree, this program can make your vision into globe much impressionable and pointed. The curriculum inculcates the social dimensions into the young mind which I think is the salient feature of this course. "

Ajay S V, Student, Ecological Informatics(2016-2017)