Master of Philosophy in Ecological Informatics

As decided in the third round of advisory group meeting, two independent assessment were carried out by Prof.P.S. Ramakrishnan and Prof.T.V. Ramachandra to evaluate the academic robustness of the EI program at IIITM-K.

Meanwhile, based on decision during the visit of Dr. Ishwaran Natarajan, Director, EES, UNESCO, a one member study and evaluation team from UNESCO carried out an assessmentof the EI program at IIITM-K. In June 2012, UNESCO formally placed on record and conveyed their appreciation for the transformative, trans-disciplinary program in EI at IIITM-K.

Five years down the line; we are confident that the sapling of EI nurtured by us has established. It is poised to grow. We envision the school of Ecological Informatics to be a world class facility that can be accessed by researchers from across the globe and relied by public administrators. The academic exercise in Ecological Informatics at IIITM-K has set in motion the wheels to metamorphose the discipline of environmental sciences.

  • M.Phil.Ecological Informatics(EI) Degree Recognised by University of Kerala as equivalent to M.Phil.Physics,M.Phil Evironmetal Science, M.Phil.Botany & M.Phil Zoology.

  • M.Phil EI recognised as a valid academic qualification by Kerala Public Servce Commission.