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" Develop an institutional mechanism to create entrepreneurial culture in academic institutions to foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the faculty and students  and to provide quality professional services in Research, Entrepreneurial development and Innovation. "

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Women Incubation, Startups and Entrepreneurship (WISE)

WISE for Women Entrepreneurs was established in 2020, as a centre to foster creativity and entrepreneurship by transforming and converting inventive and creative ideas from young women's minds into various science and engineering disciplines in order to achieve excellence in research, products, processes and services.


The empowerment of women has become the core element of an economy's growth.With women moving forward, the family moves, the village moves and the nation moves. Therefore, by way of their economic emancipation, raising the status of women is strongly needed.


As more and more women are getting to know the benefits of entrepreneurial activity, a silent Renaissance is sweeping across all the sectors resulting in larger participation. The participation of women in business activities transforms the quality and the structure of the workforce and the society as a whole. It boosts female career development, self-realization and job creation.


Through WISE, IIITMK will make it easier to incubate new businesses with innovative technology by offering financial, physical, technological and infrastructure seed support.

Objectives of WISE

  • To produce a group of highly dynamic women entrepreneurs in the country                                                                                                                                                
  • To provide a platform for students, young minds and women entrepreneurs to nurture their innovation to transform knowledge, business and enterprises                                                                                                                                                                         
  • To promote awareness and facilitation to create breakthrough technologies for potential women and student entrepreneurs                                                                
  • To provide mentoring, support, training and consultancy for nurturing viable ideas into successful businesses                                                                      
  • To work closely with industry and international agencies to find out the trends, demands and market opportunities.                                                                
  • Improve the reach of creditors to women entrepreneurs through a comprehensive program.                                                                                
  • Provide a seed loan amount of Rs 2 lakhs for the incubated company, after evaluating their performances

Eligibility for women entrepreneurs is as follows,


  • The woman co-founder should have the majority stake in the startup


  • The startup should be registered in Kerala
WISE Stages

In WISE scheme,there are three stages in the process.

  • Stage 1. Ideation Stage

  • Ideation stage is the process of gathering, exploring, and evaluating new technology/business ideas that can give the business proposed by student entrepreneur a competitive advantage. The expert committee formed for the evaluation of the ideas should interview each entrepreneur and analyse the business potential and feasibility.

    Duration : 3 months

  • Stage 2. Teaming and Company formation

  • Team formation is the key for an entrepreneur in commencing his / her journey before starting the company. The team should ideally have a mix of co-founders with complementary skill sets. The team has to register it as a private limited company/limited liability partnership/partnership of any legally recognized entity.

    Duration : 2 months

  • Stage 3. Prototype development/ Business Incubation

  • The working model or the prototype of the Technology idea developed has to be certified by the experts for commercialization or Technology Transfer. If it is a business service idea, the company may start business operation as per the business plan and start generating the income.

    Duration : 6 months

    For students - The team may register it as a private limited company/limited liability partnership/partnership of any legally recognized entity or can continue for a period without registration.

    For Women entrepreneurs –The company should be registered before entering into agreement with IIITMK/WISE or within one month after entering into an agreement with IIITMK/WISE

Facilities provided by IIITMK


As an incubator, IIITMK/WISE will provide the following facilities


Infrastructure and Office support
  1. Physical facilities with furnished office space
  2. Computing and communication facilities
  3. Clerical assistance and Office facilities such as photocopy,stationary etc.
  4. Any specific Software/App or tools as per demand
Training and Information resources
  1. Training for the startup team on various aspects related to new business venture.
  2. Access to information resources and databases for competitive intelligence,market research,patent and trademark etc.
Consultancy:Experienced consultants provide assistance in the following area
  1. Strategic planning
  2. Market research
  3. Marketing strategy
  4. Business promotion
  5. Financial planning
  6. Manpower planning and recruitments
  7. Identification of potential partners and alliances