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The IIITM-K (Upgraded as Digital University Kerala) establishes the Virtual Resource Centre for Language Computing (VRCLC) to promote language computing research and development in order to bridge the digital divide and leverage the power of information technology. It intends to create a platform that will serve as a virtual resource center for Natural Language Processing (NLP). 


This center aims to develop advanced machine learning tools for pattern and object identifications, which include marine data, surveillance data and medical images. In addition, this Centre will serve as a platform for research in image processing and pattern recognition, with a deep focus on developing computational methods for solving problems related to pattern recognition and machine learning.

Women Incubation, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurship (WISE) under Digital University of Kerala is committed to promote the women entrepreneurship ecosystem through policies and initiatives, as well as the creation of supporting networks.


CEBC is a consortium of academic, research, and clinical personals working together to advance brain computing technology. Their work in the Center of Excellence in Brain Computing (CEBC) is focused on developing new algorithms, models, and systems for brain-computer interface (BCI) applications.


The project ‘Centre for Digital Transformation in Culture (CDTC)’ in Digital University is aimed to improve the livelihood of artists, and popularize art forms of Kerala and beyond,  through Intelligent Digital Systems and improve the mental health of people with the help of Digital Arts.

Digital University Kerala

The Digital University Kerala campus is a place for discovery, alive with debate, both intellectually and physically. Sustainable campus architecture isn’t just a backdrop for what is going on inside the buildings. It is a model for innovation that inspires and keeps the campus’ high aspirations on track.

VRCLC is a research and the project lab of IIITM-K to promote and strengthen local language with the support of Information Technology.    The VRCLC web portal will act as the repository of various information about the research and projects related to language computing and the software tools, standards to enable localization in a computer.  The work mainly concentrates to Malayalam Language, that can address the linguistic barrier of our people using the computer and also to enable the usage of various e-Governance projects to common man

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