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Pos Tagger

Malayalam POS Tagger is an online tool for Parts Of Speech (POS) tagging for Malayalam texts using BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standards ) tagset and IIITH (International Institute Of Information Technology Hyderabad) tagset. The greatest advantage is its speed


Ezhuthani is a simple Text Editor to enable Phonetic typing in the Malayalam language for users of GNU/Linux systems. It is written in Python and uses the Wxpython toolkit for the GUI. The encoding scheme used in the application is Unicode 6.2.

IT Glossary

This web site provides a list of Government Departmental Glossary for Malayalam. The English words and its Malayalam meaning is available using a simple search. The database will be created by various departments and institutions, for which a simple interface is provided to suggest word.


Micronet Information Management System is a web-based portal system to manage information for fisherman and other stakeholders for providing effective and reliable communication for the fishermen amongst themselves and with the shore during emergencies and other times while deep-sea fishing.

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