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Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management – Kerala

“Cisco thingQbator” is a network of makerspaces where students can learn about digital technologies in a hands-on environment, turn their ideas into working prototypes and in the process come up with local solutions to local problems. The thingQbator program is structured to encourage a rapid prototyping mindset with ease of access to the makerspace and all the equipment therein as well as active mentorship and training.


Build Digital Skills

Cisco thingQbator provides a platform that enables students to learn by doing.

Find solutions to problems

This is for the makers. We promote innovation by building solutions in maker spaces.

Transit Innovation to markets

Students can partner with like-minded makers to scale up ideas.









Maker Space Network

Makerspace is a collaborative work space facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools.

Webex Teams

Cisco® Webex Teams is an easy-to-use collaboration solution that keeps people and teamwork connected anytime, anywhere.

3D Printing

The best 3D printers available for rapid prototyping, manufacturing, and education.


We’ve collected the best and most popular options the IoT has to offer, from smart home devices to the software and tools you need to build your own smart, connected products.


Explore various IoT devices and sensor types, how they work, and how we connect them. Map out the process for developing your own IoT ideas.

Development Boards

Microcontroller-based boards, System on Chip (SOC) boards, Single-board Computers (SBC) and purpose-built boards with support for Smart Bluetooth and WiFi.

Contact Us

Cisco thingQbator,

3rd Floor, IIITM-K Building,Technopark Phase – I,

Karyavattom PO, Kazhakuttom,

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala – 695581

Mr Sarath SM  (+91) 9895 990 147

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