IIITM-K has been chosen as an Institution of Excellence by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India. Scholarships are available for SC students (limited to 5 seats) pursuing M.Sc course in IIITMK. Scholarship covers – Tuition fee and other university fees (actual fee), Boarding and lodging charges (Rs 2220 per month), books and stationery (Rs 3000 per annum) and PC & Accessories (limited to Rs 45000, one-time assistance). Scholarship will be available in the 2nd year only if the student has passed all the exam papers in the 1st year.

Students with a domicile of Kerala from SC/ST Category and Other Eligible Communities (OEC) are eligible for scholarships under the E-Grantz scheme of Govt of Kerala. Please check the E-Grantz website of the Govt of Kerala for further details.

Students who apply for other scholarships will be supported by providing necessary documents from the Academic Office of IIITM-K.

Click this link to know about the E-Grantz scholarship