Library & Information Systems & Services

Library & Information Systems & Services

IIITMK Library, with a blend of normal and digital resources and services, caters to the information needs of its academic and research community. Apart from the customized collection development of print-documents, the vast digital resources available physically or accessible online and primarily focusing on the ongoing courses and research programmes, make the activity area, the hub of the learning process of IIITMK.

The collection includes Books, Scholarly Journals, Conference Proceedings, Reports, Standards, Patents, Manuals, etc. The Digital Library segment includes e-Resources of major info providers such as ACM Digital Library, IEEE Xplore, and SpringerLink. Customized facilities to access the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) resources and relevant course-wares of other major academic institutions of the world, add value to our resource base. A core collection of NPTEL Lectures is available in CD version too.

The Computer-Communication-Network facility to access the e-resources online has been substantially increased and further modernized in the recent past with more terminals. The Wi Fi connectivity hub in the Library is a blessing for the users of e-resources by using their own laptops and other devices. The extended Library Timing in the evenings and opening on Saturdays have further promoted the usage of Library by the students’ community. User-education programmes targeting mini groups and individual students and better learning ambience, do facilitate enhanced use of the Library and its resources.

Selective approach to the choice of Institutional Repositories for regular info search and retrieval has added value to the quality of academic pursuit of our users.

A host of resource facilities developed in-house, further enrich the info deliverables.

1.1 Databases : External : Subscribed & Frequently Accessed

1.2 Databases : In-house

1.3 Resources available in the outlier institutes enriching our info base

Libraries/Knowledge Resource Centres attached to the following major institutes of national importance have rich info resources. If our members are desirous of using their facilities and services in accordance with their policies and procedures, you may contact our Library Counter.

  • Centre for Development StudiesKerala University Library Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology (IIST)
  • National Centre for Earth Science Studies (NCESS)
  • CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science & Technology
  • Regional Cancer Centre (RCC)
  • Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB)
  • Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology
  • Vikram Sarabhai Space Science and Technology (VSSC)
  • Circulation Service / Document Lending Service
  • Collection Development with Participatory Role by Users
  • e-Access Stations
  • Info Support Service for Assignments, Academic Projects,
    Externally Funded Projects & Research Programmes
  • Inter-Institutional Resource Sharing
  • Photocopying, Printing & Document Scanning
  • Reference & Referral Services
  • Support Service for Academic Internship Programmes
  • User Education for effective e-Resource Database Searches
  • Support Service for Scholarly Publishing & IPR Issues
Working Hours
Monday – Friday : 8.30 am to 8.00 pm (Issue/Return: 8.45 am – 7.45 pm)
Saturday : 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (Issue/Return: 9.15 am – 4.45 pm)
Closed Holidays
All public holidays observed by the institute shall be closed holidays for the Library too

4.1 Membership

Any bona fide member of the institute including Faculty, Student and Research Scholar is, by default, a member.

4.2 Entitlements for Lending of Books

Students : 3 Books Research Students : 4 Books Faculty : 6 Books Others : 1 Book

4.3 Period of Loan

Students : 14 Days Researchers : 20 Days Faculty : 21 Days Others : 7 Days

4.4 Re-issue of Books

Books already under issue shall be renewed only once, and that too, if there is no reservation for the title by other members.

4.5 Reservation

A book, which is on loan, can be reserved.

 4.6 Fine for Overdue Books

Library will ordinarily send reminders to those borrowers who retain books beyond the loan period. Fine for overdue books shall be levied at the approved rates prevailing from time to time. Non-receipt of reminders shall not be a reason for waiving fines. However, the fine system is yet to be implemented.

 4.7 Loss of Books

Damage or loss of books on loan shall be immediately reported to the Library. Members are liable to replace such books or pay for the damage/ cost of the books as fixed by the Library as per the prevailing norms.

4.8 Documents Not to be Issued

Reference Books, Print Versions of Journals & Magazines and Newspapers are not to be issued out.

4.9 Indents for Purchase of New Books

Any member of the Library can indent books and other publications relevant to the activity areas of the institute, for purchase. The indents shall be in the prescribed form and can be forwarded to the Library by e-mail too. The indents forwarded by the students shall, however, be screened/cleared by their respective Faculty Coordinators.

4.10 Endorsement for Issue of No Due Certificates

The applicant shall ensure prior endorsement in the prescribed form by the Academic Coordinator/Group Head/Project Leader concerned, for obtaining the No Due Certificate from the Library. Students shall submit one copy each of their Project Report in print and e-version to Library, prior to issue of No Due Certificates.

4.11 Timing for Photocopying & Printing Services

8.45 am – 4.45 pm excluding 1.00- 2.00 pm (Lunch Break) No Service when only one staff member is available on duty at the Library Counter, including on Saturdays.

5.1 Only registered users (Faculty, Staff and Students) are allowed to borrow books/materials from the Library. Users should always carry their ID cards while using the Library and show it to the Library Staff, if demanded.

5.2 Readers are required to deposit their bags and other belongings at the Property Counter before entering the Library. However, Laptops are permitted to be brought inside.

5.3 Borrowers must satisfy themselves with the physical condition of the books before borrowing.

5.4 Underlining, scribbling, tearing/dog-earing of pages or any other type of mutilation of books and other documents are strictly prohibited.

5.5 ‘A book misplaced is a book lost ’ (at least temporarily). So users are discouraged from replacing the reading materials. Leave it to the Library staff.

5.6 New Additions of Books will be on display normally for two weeks. The lists will be posted by e-mail and/or displayed on the Library Notice Board. They can be reserved prior to their normal release, for issue.

5.7 Silence must be observed within the Library. Discussions/Group discussions shall be totally avoided as it will disturb other serious readers and also due to the limited space available in the Library at present. We are aware of the changing trends in the reading/learning habits with a significant segment of collective learning with a reasonably permissible noise level. The New Campus Library will take care of this need.

5.8 Loss of ID Cards shall be reported to Library immediately, for tracking and preventing misuse of the same in Library transactions.

5.9 Use of Mobile phones inside the Library is prohibited.

5.10 Smoking inside the Library is strictly prohibited.

5.11 Use of eatables and drinks inside the Library is strictly prohibited.

5.12 Changing the connectivity, settings and display devices of the computercommunication-network systems installed in the Library/ e-Resource Access Stations is not allowed.

5.13 Penalty will be imposed on those responsible for damaging furniture, equipments, systems & devices due to careless handling.

5.14 Books already issued or personal copies of books are not allowed to be brought inside the Library for reading.

5.15 While leaving the Library, documents, Laptops and other materials carried by the users shall be shown at the Library Counter, if so demanded.

6.1 The Internet and e- Resource Access Facilities created are to be used for the defined purpose related to our academic and research programmes.

6.2 Misuse/abuse of Internet facility, access to undesirable websites, excessive and repetitive downloads contravening the guidelines of e-Resource publishers, etc., are liable to invite stringent penal action against the defaulters. We have the mechanism to identify and capture the specific data on such misuses and also on such users concerned.

6.3 Also, the bandwidth available are to be used judiciously .

6.4 We must adhere to netiquette – the essentials of ethics in the Net usage.

The Team

Dr. Narayana D

Assistant Librarian : Tel. 0471-2784150 ,  Intercom : 150

e-Resource Support Service, Information Analytics, Development of In-house Databases.

Remya S.

Library Assistant : Tel. 0471-2784151 , Intercom : 151

Acquisition of Books, Physical & Technical Processing, Budget Monitoring.

Bijesh S.

Library Assistant : Tel. 0471-2784151, Intercom : 151

Circulation Control System Management, Subscription to Periodicals, ICT-enabled Systems Management,

Amrutha RV.

Library Assistant : Tel. 0471-2784131, Intercom : 131

Circulation Control System Management

Sadasivan K.P.

Consultant (Library) : Tel. 0471-2784103 , Intercom : 103, Mob. +91 9037031147

Overall Management, Planning & Development, Budget Control & Monitoring, User Interaction,

Specialized Info Services for Academic /Research Projects, Info Analytics, HR Management including Performance Monitoring.

Complaints & Suggestions

Suggestions for improvement of the facilities and services are welcome. Complaints, if any, may also be reported for redressal.

The same may be discussed in person or forwarded in writing or by e-mail to the Librarian / Consultant (Library) at

+91 9037031147 (Mob) / +91 471-2784103