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Our Team

We are a group of researchers at Data Engineering Lab, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management - Kerala (IIITM-K) participated in Proffer International Blockchain Hackathon at Indian Institute of Delhi in November 2017. We conceived, planned, researched, built a working proof of concept and formulated a compelling business plan for the AgroChain concept, from nothing – all in under 72 hours. NITI Ayog, The National Institution for Transforming India awarded Government of India Prizes for AgroChain for potential impact to the Indian economy   and a golden ticket to pitch idea at Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GEC - 2017)

Our Team Members

Dr. Asharaf S (Associate Professor and Project Mentor, IIITM-K)
Mr. Nikhil V Chandran (Blockchain Researcher, Data Engineering Lab, IIITM-K)
Mr. Adarsh S (Blockchain Researcher, Data Engineering Lab, IIITM-K)
Mr. Anoop V.S (Blockchain Researcher, Data Engineering Lab, IIITM-K)

Why AgroChain?

Agrochain provides a transparent, tamper proof, decentralized market ecosystem where the farmers and buyers come together

Benefits of AgroChain

Agrochain may provide numerous benefits to its stakeholders

Co-operative contractual farming

Supply chain finance

Promoting Land usage

Utilization of Unproductive Capital

Better Employment Opportunities

Healthy food