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Call for Special Sessions

Last date for Special session proposal submission was 7th July 2021

We invite you to submit proposals for special sessions in the upcoming 11th International Conference on Ecological Informatics (ICEI 2020+1), scheduled from 9-13 November 2021 at the the Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology (Digital University Kerala),
In order to equitably address the three components; ecology, technology, and society; ICEI 2020+1 is structured around three themes;

Ecological Data Science
Data Archiving and Sharing
Semantics, Ontology and Metadata
Citizen Science and Long-term Ecological Research (LTER)
Machine and Deep Learning in Ecology
Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for Image Recognition and Identification
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for Ordination, Clustering and Predictive Modelling
Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) for Predictive Modelling and Threshold Analysis
Decision Trees and Gradient Forest (GF) for Predictive Modelling and Threshold Analysis
Wavelets for Time-lag Analysis

GIS and Remote Sensing-based Monitoring and Data Synthesis
Remote Sensing-based Forecasting and Early Warning
UAV Imagery for Spatial-temporal Monitoring
Species-distribution Modelling (SDM) by MAXENT etc.
Invasive Species Monitoring
Image-based Monitoring and Data Synthesis
Thermal Imaging of Biodiversity
Acoustic Imaging of Biodiversity
Camera-based Imaging of Biodiversity
Genome-based Monitoring and Data Synthesis
DNA-Barcoding and Eco-genomics
Phenome-based Monitoring and Data Synthesis
Plant Phenomics
Uncertainty Analysis and Hybrid Modelling
Uncertainty Analysis and Modelling by Bayesian Inference etc.
Ensembles of Complementary and Alternative Models

Environmental Policy Analytics
Scalable environmental start-up initiatives
Communicating Science and Informing decision
Futurecasting research and education in Ecological Informatics
We envisage the three themes to be both independent as well as interdependent.

1- The topics listed under each theme are only indicative. The organizers will be glad to accommodate relevant topics that are not indicated at present.
2- ICEI 2020+1 seeks to ensure continuity of topics discussed in ICEI 2018. In addition to expanding the scope by adding new themes, we look forward to building upon and take forward theme(s) initiated in Jena.

Responsibilities of session chair:
As a proposer of an accepted ICEI 2020+1 session, you will become the session chair. It is the chair’s primary responsibility to solicit papers for your session, oversee their review, and come up with a session prelude, which is synchronized with the objective and themes of ICEI 2020+1. You will be provided access to standard conference management tools over which you will collaborate with the conference chairs in determining which manuscripts are to be accepted and structure presentation time in your session. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions about the obligations entailed in becoming a session organizer.

Procedure for submitting proposals
Session proposals can be submitted either individually or jointly. Each session should identify a coherent topic that can be addressed by 5 to 15 papers. For example, a session might bring together papers on alternative approaches to a particular problem, or it may analyze the prospects of data analytics or artificial intelligence in one question, sampled across geography. Details of the sessions presented at ICEI 2018 (icei2018.uni-jena.de/program/#themes) may be used as a yardstick.
The proposal should be submitted using Easy Chair submission system .
Submission Link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icei2020

Guidelines for submitting proposal:
Special session proposals can be as short as a single page abstract and should not be more than 600 words. It should identify a coherent topic that is in tune with the broad themes of ICEI 2020+1. Provide a title and details of the session’s organiser(s) as well as a brief scope of the session including information on

  1.  The objective and intended achievements of the session
  2. Whether the session will be conducted as a series of talks or discussion,
  3. How much time will needed for the session.
  4.  Number of talks expected.

The sessions are geared towards the general audience. Therefore, jargon should be avoided, acronyms and abbreviations should be spelled out.

We look forward to your submissions.

Important Dates
Last date for submission of proposals :  7 July 2021
Decision on the submitted Proposals  : 18 July 2021

For correspondence:
R. Jaishanker, Ph.D.
Professor, Ecological Informatics,
CV Raman Laboratory of Ecological Informatics
Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management – Kerala
Email: icei.2020@iiitmk.ac.in