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International Conference on Ecological Informatics (ICEI) is a biennial forum that brings together interdisciplinary ecological researchers from all over the world to present their scientific works, deliberate upon ideas and build networks. The 10th ICEI was held in 2018 at the Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena, Germany .

At the beginning of the second decade of this century and in a milestone year, ICEI 2020+1 aims to posit itself as a high intellectual pedestal to champion the prospects of leveraging the potentials offered by emerging technologies, and to position ecological informatics as a travelator to our common, sustainable future.

With an overarching conference objective Integrating ecology, technology, and society for transformative changes towards sustainability, ICEI 2020+1 is designed to accommodate all novel concepts and techniques for efficient utilization of ecological data and knowledge by means of the state of the art data collection, computing, and connecting technologies.


Call for special sessions

Last date for Special session proposal submission was 7th july 2021

call for abstracts

important dates



Dept of Basic Science and Applications Urbino University,Italy

Forrest M. Hoffman

Group Leader, Computational Earth Sciences Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Gururaja K.V

Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Natarajan Ishwaran

Executive Director, International Relations and Secretariat Head ,Deep-time Digital Earth

V K Dadhwal

Indian Institute of Space Science and Technologyology