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Dr. Asharaf S is a Professor at Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management – Kerala. He is also serving as a visiting faculty in Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Trivandrum and as a Mentor in Kerala Startup Mission. He received his PhD and Master of Engineering degrees in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He graduated in Computer Engineering from Cochin University of Science and Technology. After his PhD he has worked with America Online (AOL) and IIM Kozhikode. He is a recipient of IBM outstanding PhD student award 2006, IBM Shared University Research Grant, 2015 and IBM Open Science Collaboration Programme grant, 2017. He has published three books and more than 30 research papers in international journals and conferences. His areas of interest include technologies and business models related to data engineering, machine learning, information retrieval and blockchains.

His research publications can be accessed at https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=yKNVj6oAAAAJ&hl=en.

His personal profile may be accessed at https://in.linkedin.com/in/asharafs.


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