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Dr. A.P. James works in the area of AI – neuromorphic systems (Software and Hardware), VLSI and image processing. He completed his Ph.D. in a short 2-year duration from Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. He is currently a Full Professor and the professor in charge of the Maker Village project, IIITMK, one of the largest electronics incubator facilities in India, funded by the Government of India and Government of Kerala. He is a member of IEEE CASS technical committee on Nonlinear Circuits and Systems. He was the founding chair of IEEE CASS Kerala chapter and was a member of IET Vision and Imaging Network. He was an editorial board member of Information Fusion (2010-2014), and currently serving associate editor of IEEE Access, HCIS and IEEE Transactions on Circuits and System 1 journal. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, Life Member of ACM, and Senior Fellow of HEA.

Professor-in-Charge, Maker Village (one of the largest electronics and hardware incubator facility in India, 70+ startup residents); Supported by various ministries of Central Government and State Government.

Professor-in-Charge, Centre for Excellence in Artificial General Intelligence and Neuromorphic Systems, Supported by industry funds.