In the Technopark campus, IIITM-K has established its own state of art IT and network Infrastructure including e-learning environment, digital library services, terminally mobile information access environment, grid-based information and computing environment for research, cluster computing systems, groupware and collaboration tools that support knowledge management, e-publishing, high end studio and multimedia labs, integrated multimedia lectures recording and streamed multimedia services, web technology and Internet services, etc. The following laboratories are functional at its existing premises in Technopark:

From inception, the institute had emphasized the building up and use of advanced systems and services through its own initiatives, innovations and applications. This is unparalleled in most institutions of the country. Procuring essentially the basic servers, systems and some key productivity and applications software, using free and open source software, the institute has put together a formidable variety of complex systems, solutions and services ranging from multimedia services, online library services, GIS, e-learning suites, wiki, discussion forums to advanced cluster computing systems – all accessible over platform independent browsers. In the process, our professional staff have become highly proficient in developing and servicing complex systems. These are used regularly with the faculty and staff enjoying terminally mobile information – interaction and collaboration environment and knowledge centre. As byproduct of this, we support technology incubation, students’ projects and exploratory projects that lead to sponsored projects in due course.

IIITM-K operations are controlled by a total of seven servers, which can hold about half a Terra Byte of Data, run the SUN and Linux Servers. The Sun Cluster comprises Sun Blade 150 Workstation 650 MHz UltraSPARC-III, SUN FIRE 280 R server and SunRay 100 Network Appliances – 25 Nos. There are two Compaq Prolient servers, with a memory of 512 MB and 260 Giga Byte of HDD, which mainly acts as the Gateway to the Internet World. There are three more Pentium III servers, network attached storage server with RAID 5 that can host more than 80 Giga bytes of data. The three Linux servers along with IIITMK portal, EduGrid portals are running round the clock. The servers support 110 computers under one network and domain. The following specialist laboratories have been set up at IIITM-K:

FOCUS AREAS: The last one and a half decades of activities helped develop and deliver significant systems, services and domain expertise in a host of specialized activity areas. The emerging areas of focus include Data Engineering, Language Technologies & Informatics, Electronic System Design, Distributed Systems & Cyber Security, Centre for Research & Innovation.

These facilities will make out students Industry ready by nurturing next generation IT professionals, Researchers and Entrepreneurs in the cutting edge areas of Computing and IT.