National Workshop on Automatic Speech Recognition and its Applications (NWaSpR)

Research on performing computers with intelligence as human do had its origin way back in 1950’s when Alan Turing published his famous article “can machine think”. Though there was a set back for years, the recent advancement of Artificial Intelligence and its subdomain Machine Learning made substantial strides in solving many intelligent tasks and real-life problems. Natural Language Processing and Speech has a pertinent role in making communication with computers in a natural and cognitive way. However, Speech continued as a challenging task, and its poor performance or dearth of intelligent support become a daunting problem to researchers for many years. But the recent breakthrough and developments in Deep Learning and its incredible potential to solve such complex systems revolutionized its performance, that to perform various tasks in more cognitive and intelligent manner.

By realizing the significance of research in Automatic Speech Recognition System, a National Workshop on Automatic Speech Recognition and its Applications (NWaSpR) is being organized at IIITM-K under Virtual Resource Centre for Language Technology (VRCLC), with the objective to train and motivate the aspirants to learn the basics of Automatic Speech Recognition, that to initiate research and developments in ASR. The three-day intensive programme aims to cover fundamentals, Speech Production, Speech Signal Processing, Speech Recognition Models, ASR using Deep Neural Networks, and its various Applications. The workshop would also provide recent industry approaches in Speech recognition and developments, issues and challenges, current research areas in speech etc. The resource persons for NWaSpR are known as best in the country from best premier institutions, having years of experience in this field. Microsoft, who have heavily contributed to speech would enrich the programme with current technologies and tools in ASR.