BlockHash LIVE – 2018

Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA) , is an initiative of Government of Kerala, under Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management –Kerala with many international collaborations, to explore the disruptive potential of the Blockchain Technology for achieving public good through capacity building to promote research, development and entrepreneurship. We have already embarked this journey by offering a massive in-person training program aiming to produce 25,000 blockchain professionals within next three years in the state of Kerala, India. Since its inception in 2017, the vibrant ecosystem of KBA offering Certification Programs, R&D activities and Consultancy, has attracted international attention.

In this context, BlockHash Live 2018 is organized with the ambitious vision of bringing together world renowned thought leaders and the technology enthusiasts to a common platform for the exchange of Ideas, reflections on technology trends/adoptions and the potential discussions on collaborative opportunities in leveraging blockchain for public good and in making Kerala, the Blockchain hub of India. This summit would also be an excellent opportunity for the global businesses in blockchain technology to explore the possibility for expanding their operations to the state of Kerala, India.

List of Speakers:

1. Bob Tapscott , Blockchain Research Institute – Canada.
2. Jennifer Greyson, Founder & CEO – Neureal.
3. Sussane Tarkowski , Founder – Bitnation, Switzerland
4. James Fennel, COO – Bitnation, Switzerland
5. Dr. Dilip Krishnaswamy, Vice President, Reliance Jio Infocomm
6. Sudin Baraokar, Global IT Innovation Advisor
7. Dr. Sushmita Ruj, Assistant Professor, ISI Kolkata
8. Mahesh Govind, CEO, DigiLedge
9. Prasanna Lohar, Head – Innovation, DCB Bank Ltd.
10. Rajarshi Mitra, Blockchain Researcher, Blockgeeks
11. Akarsh Agarwal, Director of Tech, Blockchain Education Network
12. Navas Ebin Muhammed, MLG Blockchain – Canada