Acoustic Ecology – AVISONA: 2019

Acoustic Ecology – AVISONA: 2019


The CV Raman Laboratory of Ecological Informatics, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management – Kerala is pleased to announce a workshop in Acoustic Ecology – AVISONA: 2019.

AVISONA 2019 will provide hands on training on the use of various bird recording equipments; guide generation and handling of database; carry out sonic data analysis and interpret the results.

Who Should Attend:

The workshop is open to inspired researchers and enthusiasts, who are interested in acoustic ecology. Being an interdisciplinary domain, we welcome participants from all relevant academic streams viz: engineering, physical, life science, ecology and environmental sciences.

After the successful completion of the workshop the participants will be able to:

1. Independently record bird calls using sonic recorders.
2. Create database for the sonic data recorded.
3. Analyse the acoustic data (R statistical tool)
4. Interpret the results based on analysis.

Program Coordinator:

  • Dr. R Jaishanker  Professor, Ecological Informatics, IIITM-K


Resource Persons:

  • Mr. Sharad Apte D Bird Call info, Mumbai
  • Sajeev C Rajan  Researcher, IIITM-K


Registration Fee: Rs. 5900/- (Including GST)
PS: The registration link will remain active till available slots get filled. We envisage batch strength of 25 participants.

Registration is mandatory for the participation in the workshop and you are requested to upload a payment confirmation receipt. So, please make the payment prior to registration. Interested candidates can register for the workshop online through the registration link provided.
Registration fees cover workshop kit, local conveyance from Nilambur, food and accommodation during the workshop.