CRICTR Virtual Lab

CRICTR Virtual Lab

The Center for Research and Innovation in Cyber Threat Resilience (CRICTR)

Given the highly publicized incidents of cyber penetration of anything from cars to airplanes in flight, as well as massive break-ins into systems amounting to industrial and strategic espionage, the idea of creating resilient and robust systems is attractive to government, businesses and individuals. In India, the threats to the systems are multiplying. In the current Indian context, it is imperative that we build cyber threat resilient ICT infrastructure for supporting the continued governance and growth of our economy. Research and innovation for the development of imparting cyber threat resilience as a core functionality of critical ICT infrastructure is also being explored internationally. The Center for Research and Innovation in Cyber Threat Resilience (CRICTR) aims to do research, innovation, consultancy and training in the broad areas related to the development of cyber threat resilient information technology infrastructure capable of cyber threat prevention, detection and self healing. Dr. Gulshan Rai , The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India inaugurated the centre on October 13, 2015 during the First International Workshop on Cyber Threat Resilience jointly organized by Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala and Steven’s Institute of Technology, USA. CRICTR is functioning at IIITMK and the activities of the center are anchored around the information security research and academic activities of IIITMK.

IIITM-K developed the basic infrastructure for the lab using the fund received for ISEA project funded by DeitY, Govt. of India. The current infrastructure includes:

Item Count Specifications
Server 2

Processor 2 X Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 2.4GHz,15M Cache,8.00GT/s
Memory 64 GB(4×16 GB, 16GB RDIMM,2133 MHz, Dual Rank, x8
Data Width) (Expandable up to 192GB)
Chipset Intel C610 series
Storage 3 x 300GB 10K RPM SAS 6Gbps 2.5 in Hot-plug Hard Drive,

RAID Capability: RAID 0,1,5

Storage 1

Dual Controller/8Gb Cache upgradable to 16GB
4 x 8G FC/

3 x 4TB, Near-Line SAS 6Gbps, 3.5-inch, 7.2K RPM Hard Drive (Hot-plug)

Desktops 25

Chipset    H81
CPU     Core i5 4590 or higher
Memory    4GB  PC3-12800 DDR3 1600MHz  – Minimum 2 DIMM Slots out of which one should be Free for future upgrade
HDD    500GB (7200 RPM)

Form Factor    Small Form Factor

  • Anjana P Das, Secure Localization in Underwater Sensor Networks
  • Arya Krishnan, Finger Vein Based User Authentication
  • Athira U, Authorship Analysis in Forensic Linguistics
  • Deepthi P S, Privacy Preserving Clustering in Very Large Databases
  • Divya S. Vidyadharan, Doctored Image Detection
  • Gemini George: Prediction and Detection of Cyber Threats and Attacks
  • Indu V, Misinformation Detection and Prevention in Online Social Networks
  • Ragendu S. P., Template Protection in Biometrics and Bio Cryptosystems
  • Roopak S, System Call Based Malware Detection in Smart Phones
  • Soumya T, Video Enhancement for Surveillance System
  • Information Security Education and Awareness [ISEA] project phase 2, funded by Department of Electronics and Information Technology, DeitY, Govt of India.
  • An Intelligent System for Tracking Missing and Vulnerable Children (ongoing)
  • Cloud Based Object Recognition System (ongoing)
  • Consultancy Services to Develop Online Courses on Cyber Security Awareness for the Employees of Govt. of Kerala, Kerala State IT Mission, Govt. of Kerala
  • Cloud Based Object Recognition System for Visually Impaired Students (Prototype ready)
  • e-Ezhuthupura – An Online Library for the Public with Content Monitoring (ongoing)
  • Hyper-elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme for Resource Constrained Devices
  • iMVCTS – An Intelligent System for Tracking Missing and Vulnerable Children (ongoing)
  • Video Enhancement for Surveillance System (Prototype ready)
  • Android Malware Detection Tool (ongoing)
  • Finger Vein Biometric System (ongoing)
  • Vulnerability and Cyber Threat Prediction Tool (ongoing)