COVID-19: Maker Village Startup Develops Daily-use Tool Skipping Finger-touch

COVID-19: Maker Village Startup Develops Daily-use Tool Skipping Finger-touch

In a bid to help people avoid physical contacts in public places in the backdrop of COVID-19, a company at the Maker Village here has come out with a handy device for a range of routing functions such as handling lifts, doors and ATMs.

SectorQube has launched the keychain-shaped CoGun that aids people in routine functions such as pushing the door- handle, pressing the ATM buttons, operating a lift or water tap, thus guarding the user against possibly germ-infested surfaces.

“Costing close to Rs 150, CoGun is ready to take shipping orders. The innovative product was launched this week as part of a series of innovations taking place at Maker Village in line with an emerging national focus on indigenisation”, a statement issued by the Maker Village said on Thursday.

“Within five hours of launch and minimal marketing, we received close to 200 pre-orders from across the country, claimed SectorQube CEO Nibu Alias.

Additionally, we received enquiries from countries such as Ireland, UK and UAE, apart from bulk orders totalling 40,000 pieces of CoGun, he said.

When COVID-19 is bringing in new habits to people across the globe, SectorQubes product has got the potential to become a game-changer, added the head of the company which is incubating at Maker Village for the past three years.

The current COVID-triggered crisis prompted its team to come up with CoGun in less than two weeks, using the facilities available at Maker Village that functions at the Integrated Startup Complex in Kalamassery near here.

The 2016-founded Maker Village is a joint initiative of Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the Government of Kerala with IIITM-K in Thiruvananthapuram as the nodal agency.

We had discussions with doctors and professionals of various specialisations from across the country, he said.

To them, CoGun has a huge potential. They think it can be considered mostly in the category of a PPE, but with more convenience in using it.”

With a production capacity of 10,000 pieces a day, CoGun has registered with online portals such as Amazon.

Soon, CoGun will sell nation-wide,” Alias said.

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