Blockchain Academy develops tech for tamper-proof certificates

Utilising the benefits of blockchain technology, the Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA) has developed a solution to make certificates issued by academic institutions, including universities tamper-proof, which will help end faking and forgery of documents pertaining to academic qualifications. KBA, an initiative by the state government under the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management – Kerala (IIITM-K), is the first government academic and research institution to come up with a completely in-house solution that will ensure complete authenticity of course certificates. The decentralized and tamper-proof nature of blockchain make it nearly impossible for the data to be modified or faked. This solution is developed with a strong commitment to make the certification process transparent while respecting the candidate’s privacy, a statement issued by KBA said. Initially, the technology will be used for course certificats of various training programmes conducted by KBA. Subsequently, it will be passed on to universities and other academic institutions. Any employer or individual can simply scan the QR code printed on certificates with smart phone and verify the authenticity with a single touch. Every certificate has an international identity with the unique timestamp and block number. This brings more value to the course certificates in the global job marketplace as the KBA graduates can easily get their certificate credibility verified with the potential employer with a simple process. During the post-flood period, the KBA has provided technical support to the state government in recovering damaged certificates. KBA is offering various courses in blockchain technology, which enable IT professionals to hone skills in the emerging technology.

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