ACM Annual Event (Jan. 22, 2016) - Tentative Program


Venue: Al Saj Convention Centre, Kazhakkoottam, Trivandrum


9.30am– 10.45am

Inauguration with Awards distribution (Ph.D Dissertation and Best Chapter)

10.45am– 11.15am


11.15am– 12.30pm

Keynote:  Dr. Edward Albert Feigenbaum, Professor of Computer Science and Co-Scientific Director of the Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Stanford University, USA

12.30pm– 01.45pm


01.45pm– 3.00pm

Keynote: Dr. Jennifer Widom , Fletcher Jones Professor, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, USA

03.00pm– 03.30pm


03.30pm– 04.45pm

Keynote:  Dr. Anuj Dawar, Professor of Logic and Algorithms, University of Cambridge, UK

04.45pm– 05.00pm