Social Science

  • Melting Crucibles-Quantitative Assessment of theErosion of Traditional Knowledge among Tribal Communities of the Western Ghats: A UNESCO Natural Heritage Site in India.

  • Semantics of Sustainable Development: The 80 North Assessment

  • Economic Valuation of Goods and Services from Riverine Ecosystem of Uttara Kannada

  • Valuation of Estuarine ecosystem in Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka

  • Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Goods and Services from Forest ecosystems of Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka

  • Studies on Socio-Cultural and Ecological Aspects of Selected Sacred Groves in Kerala

  • Delivery of Public Service Under Sakala: Performance on Service Level

  • Socio-technical Study of Urban Household Waste Disposal Behaviour

  • Psychogeographic Analysis of Human Attitude towards Sustainable Development: A Case Study in Trivandrum, India