Master's Degree Thesis

Msc Thesis


  • Praveena T V , Inter-decadal Land Cover Change Analysis Using Remote Sensing in Technopark Campus.

  • Swathi E , Analysis of Decadal Land Use/Land Cover Changes using GIS and Remote Sensing in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation-Kerala.

  • Nahla. S ,Mapping and Rehabilitation Methods for Quarries Situated in Thiruvananthapuram Taluk,Kerala-India: A Feasibility Study.


  • Vinayakumar P V, Interannual variability of vegetation index across Agro-climatic zone of India-a case study from 2011-2016.

  • Gokul K N, Geometric Representation Of Urban Heat Island.

  • Vilin Baby, Web Based Application For Near Real Time Extrapolated Temperature Over Kerala, India.

MPhil Thesis


  • Ali, M., Creation of a Climatic Web mapping for South India and Climatic-Web- Data Base for the Watersheds (Kudaliar, Pandameru and South Gundal).

  • Ambili. M. S., Pollen Database and implementation of Pollen module into pl@ntNote.

  • Anandraj, M. A., Vegetation Carbon pool Assessment of tree outside forest in Kottayam district, Kerala, India.

  • Arathy Ram, R. S., Analysis on the Effect of Climate Change on Land Suitability for Wheat Cultivation in India: A Predictive Model.

  • Drishya Das., Biomass and Carbon pool assessment of trees outside forest in Ernakulam District, Kerala using Remotesensing data.

  • Hashim, A., Biomass Assessment of Trees Outside Forest (TOFs) in Alappuzha District, Kerala, India.

  • Lekshmi, V. R., Mapping of Dominant tree species in Mussoorie hills and Geospatial analysis of their leaf nitrogen, carbon and lignin.

  • Meera, D. S., Ecology and distribution of diatoms in Bangalore lakes.

  • Neethu, B., Climatological Database and Analysis of Spatial Pattern in the Agro Ecological Sub-regions of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu States.

  • Sooraj, N. P., Modelling and Mapping the Distribution and Habitat Suitability of EuropeanTree Frog (Hyla Arborea L.) in Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany.


  • Anjana. K., Assessing the Geographical distribution Pattern and Conservation of Genus Impatiens of the Western Ghats Using ecoinformatics Technique.

  • Divya Soman., Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Goods and Services from Forest ecosystems of Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka.

  • Greeshma P. Nair., Study on Taxonomy and Ethnobotany of Sthalavrikshas (Temple Trees) of Palakkad District, Kerala.

  • Joseph. M. D., Ecoinformatics in the Conservation of Endemic Plants in the Western Ghats,India.

  • Prabha. R. Nair., Invasion of Natural Forest Species in to Plantation.

  • Ponmani. K. Sasidharan. Assessment and Monitoring of Forest Fragmentation of Nawarangpur District, Odisha, India Uisng Remote Sensing and GIS.

  • Rakhi K. Raj., Valuation of Estuarine ecosystem in Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka.

  • Riju Raj., Tree Species Diversity in Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary.

  • Shalini. G., Effect of Nitorgen Source on the Growth and Lipid Accumulation in an Isolated Nitzschia sp.

  • Subha Sasi., Studies on Socio-Cultural and Ecological Aspects of Selected Sacred Groves in Kerala.

  • Sudeesh. S., Landscape Level Assessment of Conservation Threat in Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, Andhra Pradesh, India Using Remote Sensing and GIS.

  • Umadevi. P., Economic Valuation of Goods and Services from Riverine Ecosystem of Uttara Kannada.

  • Vineetha. V., Design of climatological database and metadata management for IFP’s climate data.


  • Asulabha, K. S., Effect of salinity Concentrations on Growth rate and lipid concentration in Microcystis sp., Chlorococcum sp.and Chaetoceros sp.

  • Mary Susan, N., Assessment of distribution of forest fires in Odhisha, India Using Remote Sensing and GIS.

  • Priyamvada, B., Land Use Change Modelling for Data Scarce Areas- The Example of Roztocze, South-eastern Poland.

  • Preeti, S., Ecological Sensitive Areas Of Uttarakannada, Central Western Ghat.

  • Salini Gopal, M. S., Macro Level Assessment of Landuse/Land Cover Change in Kerala Using Remote Sensing & GIS.

  • Sincy, V., Influence of Water quality regime on algal population.

  • Sreelekshmi, S., Landscape Indices for Comparison of Spatial Forest Patterns in Biogeographic Zones of India.


  • Aamir Amin Lone., Water Quality and Macrophyte Distribution in Urban Wetlands, Bangalore.

  • Aashaq Hussain Sheikh., Mycorrhizal symbiosis in relation to plant invasion along an altitudinal gradient in Kashmir Himalayas.

  • Mudasir Ahmed Dar., Ploidy status of alien and endemic flora of Kashmir Himalaya.

  • Md. SirajUddin Muzumdar., Assessment of Forest Degradation in Gargo hills Meghalaya,India using remote sensing and GIS.

  • Neethu Antony. C., Analysis of Multi polarized data for Land cover Discrimination.

  • Neethu S., Protective Effect of Thiourea onVigna Radiata Against Oxidative Damage and Genotoxicity Induced By Uv B Rays.

  • Nimmi, D. E., Generation of Temporal satellite datasets for Cochin City and surroundings.

  • Priyanka B., Phenology of Coffee plantation vs. Other plantaions using Temporal remote sensing data.

  • Reshma. M. R., Assessment And Monitoring Of Long Term Forest Cover Changes In Idukki District, Kerala, India Using Remote Sensing And GIS.

  • Sabzar Ahmad Kuchay., Conservation of Ecologically Sensitive Habitats.

  • Sajid Idrisi., Assessing the Influence of Land Use Land Cover on Vegetation in a Network of Water Tanks of Two Districts in Tamil Nadu using Geo-spatial Techniques.

  • Sebin John., Evaluation of speckle filters and polarimetric decomposition for Land Cover Discrimination.

  • Srijith. B., Assessing the Impact of Urbanization on Wetlands in Cochin Corporation and Nearby Panchayaths Using Satellite Images.

  • Suchithra. M. S. Development of Database on Rice Varieties, Hybrids and Hybrid Derivatives in Kerala.


  • Aryalakshmi. K. J., Mapping of Long Term Changes in Coffee Plantations Using Remote Sensing.

  • Asha Ashruf., Socio-technical Study of Urban Household Waste Disposal Behaviour.

  • Chandini. P. K., Geochemistry and Spatial Distribution of Mercury in the sediments of Kongsfjorden, Arctic.

  • Rinku Moni Devi,Study of Extreme Precipitation over Uttarakhand Region during Summer, 2013.

  • Jyothi Krishna S.V,Modeling of Three Species Prey – Predator System in Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala.

  • Dushyant Sharma, Delivery of Public Service Under Sakala: Performance on Service Level.

  • Shweta Mujumdar, Study of Ecological Changes in and around Bannerghatta National Park.

  • Mohd Shahnawaz Khan, Population and Habitat Modelling for Indus River Dolphin along River Beas and Harike Wildlife Sanctuary, India.

  • Zarreen Syed, Spatial Distribution and Habitat Ecology of Himalayan Tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus) in Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttarakhand, India.


  • Arjun C P, Studies on Bio-acoustics as Surrogates of Landscape Level Ecological Indicators.

  • Nisha S A, Enhancing Information Content of Conventional Biodiversity Indices Using Species Conservation Status (SCoS) Index.

  • Natasha Shrivastava, Spatial Analysis for Identification and Prioritisation of Ecological Corridors among Protected Areas of Eastern Ghats, India.

  • Jesna P V, Arachnid Diversity, Habitat Range and Mitochondrial Phylogeography of Phintella vittata (Araneae: Salticidae) within a Fragmented Landscape.

  • Anula Susan Varughese, Quantitative Assessment of Dominance and Competitive Strategies Employed by Invasive plants Merremia vitifolia and Mikania micrantha using Android and Remote sensor.

  • Aarathy U. L, Psychogeographic Analysis of Human Attitude towards Sustainable Development: A Case Study in Trivandrum, India.


  • Athira K, Spatial Analysis of Deforestation, Fragmentation and Forest Fires in Kerala: Implications on Protected Area.

  • Aswathy Krishna, Analysis of Floral Spectral Reflectance - A New Approach of Characterising Landscapes

  • Shruthimol C Bhasi, Long-Term Analysis of Water Quality Parameters - A Case Study of Pamba River, Kerala, India.

  • Chitra Mathews, Mapping of Faunal Diversity in Southern Western Ghats.

  • Shalu George, Mapping Of Floral Diversity In Northern Western Ghats.