BIOTA-A Mobile Computing Platform for Biodiversity Research


A team of researchers have built an app to map geographical distribution of plant and animal species

NBC 2017

Unprecedented expansion and escalation of human activities in the biosphere over the last five decades have established neo-normals for bio-physical parameters. In turn they erode our ability to predict global fluxes. We are now in a transition phase, learning to adjust from reliable long-term bio-physical predictions to loaded short-term ones to adapt to climate induced challenges.....

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Although it is aimed at students and researchers, BIOTA is designed for ease of use. Opening the appgives you two options – phyto diversity and zoo diversity, that is, plants and animals.

Selecting either one of them takes you to a database with the names and photos of the different species. The user needs to select the species that he/she has come across from the list, which will activate the camera of the phone. The picture, date and time, latitude and longitude of the location, IMEI number of the mobile phone and the species name will be stored in the database server. The server will flag it on Google Maps after verifying the information.