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A joint initiative by IIITM-K and BEN Global
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Leveraging Blockchain Technology for Public Good


  • To nurture a new breed of high quality professionals in Blockchain Technology

  • To act as a platform enabling international research/industry collaborations

  • To serve as a collaborative ecosystem for solving socially relevant problems

  • To provide a nurturing ground for entrepreneurs and new business development initiatives




Michael Gord
Michael Gord Founder & CEO
MLG Blockchain Consulting
Ben Woods
Ben Woods Cyber Security Consultant
Department for Work and Pensions, UK
Dr. Saji Gopinath
Dr. Saji Gopinath Director
IIITM-K, Thiruvananthapuram


Mahesh Govind
Mahesh Govind Founder
Rohas Nagpal
Rohas Nagpal Chief Blockchain Architect
Primechian Technologies (P) Ltd.
Jinglan Wang Executive Director - BEN Global
Blockchain Product Manager NASDAQ
Sony Joseph
Sony Joseph Founder - Kalhatti
San Francisco Bay Area

Akarsh Agarwal
Akarsh Agarwal Hyperledger Development Lead
Blockchain Education Network - India
 Debajani Mohanty
Debajani Mohanty Author
BlockChain From Concept to Execution
Sudin Baraokar
Sudin Baraokar Head - Innovation
State Bank of India
Ashish Mehta
Ashish Mehta Co-Chair - Blockchain Working Group
Cloud Security Allaince
 J Mohamed Zahoor
J Mohamed Zahoor Founder
Mahesh Murthy
Mahesh Murthy Founder


Dr. Asharaf S
Dr. Asharaf S Associate Professor
Adarsh S
Adarsh S Research Scholar
Anoop V.S Research Scholar
Nikhil V Chandran
Nikhil V Chandran Research Scholar

SKILLCHAIN - An Interstate Migrant Job Portal Powered by Blockchain

Skillchain is a blockchain based job portal for unorganized or informal sector, which provides a transparent and trusted platform for the inter-state migrants and employers to directly connect with each other. Skillchain enable a worker to build up an experience certificate which is endorsed by the employers. Skillchain is a public, tamperproof and transparent application using Blockchain technology that connect unskilled and unorganized migrant workers and job providers so that the exploitation by middlemen such as unrecognized agents and contractors can be eliminated. The worker can register with the portal by creating their profile and uploading labour history, skills, availability and other personal details and a job provider can directly connect with the worker. This will create a transparency in job search and application process among these unskilled workers. We also propose a distributed digital ledger that records each and every work completed by the worker and also a review and rating mechanism by the job provider. Government agencies can also be a part of this system for ensuring minimum standards in wages and other living conditions for these workers.


KBA Started Special Interest Groups in Ethereum (SIG-ETH) and Hyperledger (SIG-HLD)

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