Demo programs: Regularized Grappa Reconstruction

  • Uploaded by Raji Susan Mathew
  • All programs are written in MATLAB and converted to matlab executables using mcc command. The zipped file includes following GRAPPA reconstruction methods. Detailed description is given in the readme file.

    • LS- GRAPPA calibration using direct inversion-Least Squares
    • CG- GRAPPA calibration using conjugate gradient LS Algorithm
    • CR- GRAPPA calibration using Conjugate Residual Algorithm
    • GM- GRAPPA calibration using Generalized Minimum Residual Algorithm
    • TR- GRAPPA calibration using tikhonov regularization
    • PC- GRAPPA calibration using penelized coefficient regularization
    • VC- GRAPPA calibration using virtual coils and regularization for VC incorporated

    Data Sets: PC-MRA

  • Uploaded by Subha G R
  • Preprocessed Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Angiogram data sets for generating speed images using Complex Difference (CD) or Phase Difference (PD) method given as zipped file. Detailed description is given in the readme file.

    Demo Programs: SWI coil combination

  • Uploaded by Sreekanth M
  • MATLAB codes for coil combination of SWI is given as zipped file. Execution steps are given in the read me.txt file.